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Dartcor food service inc.(doing business also as OHM catering) located in Whippany, NJ in Morris county. Dartcor is a contract food service company with in local business' throughout Northern NJ & NY.

The direct management staff is unprofessional and the most of the cooking staff is not certified by the state. All employees in charge of a food service establishment must be state certified as of 1/1/10.

Insurance is not offered equally to all employees and the hourly employees do not receive vacation pay. Consumer Reports have several complaints as do the pearl River, NY Board of health.

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Haledon, New Jersey, United States #868748

I worked at Dartcor for six year and i can tell you from my own experience , employees get vacation time and also sick days wich is not mandatory from the labor department in NJ. , but yes they do . Regarding the certificate from the state , Chef managers has updates certification, salary increases depend in work performance .


Alot of the customers are my other children spoiled needy and never satisfied. they want everything for free and are very rude and act as if they dont interact with people in a social level to much.They expect everything and rarely say hello or thank you.Its what i expect on a daily basis i get more manners from children i deal with.Which is why i could care less what they think about me or my staff or the way i handle things. They need to get a life.


Maybe we will dig into the lives of our customers and alert the proper people of their wrongdoings im sure they have employee issues and other things.Stay out of our lives and get one of your own its a cafe if things down there are bothering you go somewhere else half of you are spoiled worse than children.


They also hire people who have serious mental issues who create unsafe work environments and when let go customers in the building develop a friendship with the staff when they should pay attention to their work. Customers should do more work than to get involved in whats going on the cafeteria it is a cafe not a reality show we don't care what you feel about our hiring and firing practices...

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